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I write here about "Double Duder" because no comments are avaiable on that page.

I need to place Jump button on top (Y gamepad button). I Know your criteria is adopted for many games, but is simply wrong and unnatural. In facts, lower button can be used for duck, slide, pick up or elseware in some games. I know you all programmers are influenced by the trend "X to shot and A to jump", but it's simply wrong.. jump should be placed always on top position. This error is originated from coinops to console conversions: apparently they had the action button on the left and jump on the right, but not.. as you can see on any cabinate, the jump button is on top!

All my games are edited with Jump on top, sometimes I use Xpadder, other times XInput Plus (, but in that case the modified dll does't work in unity games directories. :\

The perfect config is to put kick on the right (B), becouse imagining the player usually facing to the right, are longer than punches (X) and can be confortably pressed with kick (also together in some games) for flying kicks.

Hope you can help me, I don't want miss to play this really good game :P

Hello. Very sorry about the late response to this, I have received your feed back in other posts, but we've been busy preparing to showcase another one of our projects at PAX so I didn't really have the time to address this.

I just wanted to give you the heads up that we did sit down and discuss the feasibility of creating another build with your requested control scheme. However, our programmer has informed me that the way the game was coded would require a total re-write of most of our coding to accommodate a second control scheme. Things like comboing, button prompts, and the enemy ai would have to have various changes to their code to respond to different button input. At the moment our group is currently working on a few other projects, so for the sake of transparency I'm informing you that the chances of us revisiting Double Duder to make these changes in the near future are very slim.

I'm unfortunately not familiar enough with xpadder to help in that regard either, but I'm assuming the problem is that its detecting the remapped keyboard and the controller as two separate inputs? If your software is capable of it, hiding the controller itself (or perhaps finding key binding software that CAN hide the controller) may be able to help. Otherwise, if you have a spare Dualshock 4 around, I know that DS4Windows can let you arrange your own button configuration.

Thanks for reaching out to us, and sorry we couldn't resolve your problem on our side of things, but hopefully you'll be able to find a work around.

Thanks for exhaustive reply. OK, the solution is to press Enter to start and use keyboard controls on Xpadder. The mess is that is not possible to use the method for multiplayer becouse the game supports a single player only on keyboard. Well, maybe I have a last chance: "XInput Plus" uses custom editable dlls (xinput and dinput as well). When placing it in games folder, the game's exe read it bypassing the default of Winows folder. For Unity games doesn't work, strangely the beep of detection cofirmation sounds but controls not changes. I tried placing it everyware, also replacing the original on Windows folders, but game do not start in this case. Have you got idea where to put them, please? If not, really thanks anyway!

Ah. Yes, I see how that would be problematic then. I'm not personally sure, unfortunately. My understanding is that the build of Unity we used to compile the game does not play nice with xinput in general, but I also can't really confirm that's the problem. Sorry.

Rad game! Felt really good to play, movement was solid and shooting felt good. I liked the various guns, and hacking was a neat mechanic. Only bits I can complain about are the lack of a sound effect for the shotgun and it being hard to tell which ledges are okay to walk on at times. Oh, and I wish the after wave report said which wave it was, so that I could more easily tell how close I am to beating my old score.